Jubilee Arts offers a wide range of  classes for children, adults, & families!

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Visual Arts Visual Arts
Participants learn the basic elements of art and to develop their artistic abilities through painting, drawing, 3-D designs, and a variety of other artist mediums and materials. Participants will learn to use critical thinking strategies, develop a new active imagination, and gain confidence in their creations.
Dance Dance
We offer classes in ballet, modern dance, Chicago step dance, other forms of hand dancing, hip hop, and praise dance. These classes will teach the techniques of the dance forms and will promote healthy living which is very important to the well being of our community.

We have partnered with Baltimore’s finest clay organization, Baltimore Clayworks! Our ceramics program allows participants to learn the two basic ceramics techniques: using the wheel and hand building. Participants make cups, bowls, plates, and vases on the wheel. Students are encouraged to give their imagination free reign in hand building using the pinch pot, slab, coil, and relief methods creatively representing their concepts in a three-dimensional form. Our participants will create everything from making faces to things and places!
Creative Writing Creative Writing
These classes offer participants an opportunity to develop their ideas and discover how writing can be an artistic and imaginative activity. Creative writing is designed to introduce participants to the power and excitement of writing! Participants will be able to free their minds while sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. Writers will learn how to create meaningful forms of creative expression through techniques such as journaling, free verse, poetry, short stories, and much more. When these writings come to life there is an increased awareness of personal manifestation.