There are many ways to become involved with Jubilee Arts as a participant or volunteer.  To learn more and sign up for our classes vist our "Our Programs" and "News & Events" pages for class schedules and cultural activities.

To sign up for our mailing list for updates about our classes and events enter an email here:
Volunteers are also an important part of Jubilee Arts and help to keep our program and class costs extremely low.  Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas:

Teaching: Artists are sought to teach classes at Jubilee Arts. Interested volunteers work with our staff to:
- Determine the age group
- Design the curriculum
- Make a list of supplies needed
- Have experience teaching in that specific area
- Have a positive attitude
- Keep available lesson plans
Time: 1 ½ hours per week, plus preparation time

Teacher’s aide: Support and aide teachers in Jubilee Arts classes. Interested volunteers work with our staff to:- Work with participants as needed & directed by the teacher
- Help keep track of supply needs
- Take pictures of activities
- Help with room set up
- Help clean up at end of class
- Teach workshop(s)
- Have some teaching experience working with groups
2-3 hours per week/month

Weekly Art Table: Staff the Jubilee Arts outreach table on Pennsylvania Avenue in front of Jubilee Arts' studios in order to do outreach, create art, generate interest in classes, and sign up participants. Interested volunteers work with our staff to:

- Arrive on site ½ hour before start time to help set up the table and art supplies
- Encourage passersby to stop make art at the table
- Encourage passersby and participants to fill out sign-up sheets for classes, upcoming events and volunteer opportunities
- Hand in sign-up sheets for data entry
- Talk about Jubilee Arts with passersby and participants
- Take pictures of activities
- Help clean up at the end

: 2 hours per week.

Administrative Tasks: Volunteers help the Jubilee Arts staff with administrative tasks including:

  1. Data entry in excel program
    - Keep database lists up to date for students, volunteers, community contacts, community meetings, church contacts, church meetings, school contacts, PTO meetings, etc.
  2. Keeping track of participants
    - Call participants at the beginning of the week
    - Make roll for classes
    - Send out reminders for up coming classes

Greeter: Welcome participants to classes and sign up new participants:
- Be the warm and welcoming presence to incoming participants and their parents/guardians
- Manage registration and payment details
- Hand in paperwork and payment for data entry
- Keep track of snack supplies
- Offer snacks to participants
- Keep the welcoming area clean and tidy
2 hours per week, month

Outreach: Reaching out to our community members to inform them of our activities and interests in future programming by Jubilee Arts.  Tasks include:
- Attend orientation and training session
- Go door to door in pairs in Sandtown-Winchester and Upton neighborhoods to talk with people about their arts experiences and Jubilee Arts
- Enter information gathered in the database
- Hand out fliers and brochures for upcoming classes and events
: any two hour period between 9am and 7pm Monday through Friday or 12-5pm on Saturdays.

Note: Times may vary depending on the time of year